Ricardo Peon

However your life is now, you can do better.

João Oliveira

Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.

Ricardo Silva

A techy problem solver with strong analytical skills, that´s also passionate about sports (Fantasy Football, anyone?). He can be found surfing in his free time, quite possibly after brewing a cup of Specialty Coffee.

Rayssa Araujo

From São Paulo she´s passionate about communication and marketing, loves cooking, going to shows and reading in her spare time.

Bianca Lima

Brazilian in Portuguese lands, loves traveling, pets, books and puzzles. Freedom fascinates me and the world calls me!

Telmo Pereira

He drives paid traffic while sleeping and optimized & setups campaigns while he´s awake, addicted to ROI. Loves playing with music on the weekends and watching Netflix.

Victor da Silva

Part of select group of marketers dedicated to Digital Marketing. Passionate about neuromarketing and complemented by soccer and humor.

Ariel Sudário

A truly believer of content as a relationship tool between screens. Love details and thinks that subjective and analytical knowledge must always go together to exceed expectations.

Ainhoa Delgado

Spanish journalist with Uruguayan roots who loves to travel, learn languages, meet people and always be connected through social networks. I love digital marketing and learning something new every day.

Laura Costa

On her continuous search to learn and gather knowledge found on Digital Marketing her calling. Loves to travel, find new cultures and making friends. Always a life lover with a very ``soft spot`` for her faithful four legged friend, Kika.

Pedro Miranda

He is a Quality & Compliance Technical, who really likes what he does. He is extremely focused, methodical, responsible, organized and persistent on the work. Is someone that likes sports, namely Football and Handball. Likes to read books. Is someone that likes History.